45DCO3 Carburettors


The Weber 45DCO3 carburettor was racing’s ultimate performance carburettor of the 1950s.
It was fitted to many racing cars of the period including Maserati, Ferrari, Jaguar and many others.

The D Type Developments Reproduction 45 DCO3 Carburettor

Manufactured to enable the reconstruction of entirely accurate Jaguar D Type engines. Accurate reproductions of the famous sand cast carburettor are available with 40mm or 38mm chokes, short or long trumpets.

The sand cast body was modelled in 3D CAD and traditional wooden patterns made using this data.
Bodies were then cast from these patterns.
To avoid porosity the casting are “HIPPED”, heat treated and finally 5 axis CNC machined. All the internals components are accurately reproduced.

The special fuel rail used on D Types is also available.
Note: the identity of these DTD carburettors is clearly marked to avoid any confusion with the originals.