About Us

D Type Developments Ltd was set up by Jerry Booen in 2008 to manufacture special parts for historic cars, in particular Jaguar C and D Type Jaguars. A business that has grown from a hobby, it has applied expertise learnt from modern automotive engineering to manufacture difficult to produce parts in low volumes for historic cars including rapid prototyping techniques, 3D CAD modelling, suspension analysis and many other activities.
A freelance designer Jerry Booen has spent 30 years engineering in motor sport, including F1, and many other specialist sports and concept car projects. In fact several of the cars that Jerry worked on in their day are now being actively campaigned in historic motorsport! Jerry is also a director of The Old Racing Car Company Ltd.

Jerry Booen
D Type Developments is associated with Dave Brown’s Classic Car Developments company of New Zealand. Dave has been faithfully recreating Jaguars, GT40s, Lotuses and other sports racing cars for many years.